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1st Floor Mail Workshop, Unit A Little Tennis Street South
Nottingham, NG24EU
United Kingdom

sonoro audio is a german audio company, who creates fantastic audio products especially for the hospitality sector. Upgrade your rooms in an acoustic way and give your guests a five star experience. 

classic rooms

THE sonoro RADIO - our product for classic rooms

Excellent sound from a compact design

Sonoro’s 360 speaker technology ensures a uniform distribution of sound throughout the hotel room. Whether your guests are working at the desk, laying in bed, or walking around the room, our strategically placed upward-facing speaker will deliver clear heights, pleasing midrange and dynamic bass, and an overall full-body sound that one would never expect from a device this size!


A pleasant sleep - A relaxed awakening

With the pre-installed nature sounds sonoroRADIO brings a special atmosphere to your hotel room. With the pre-installed nature sounds your guests sleep deeply relaxed amid the sound of waves or fireplace and let them wake up in the morning by birdsong.

Smart Display: a sight for sore eyes

The brilliant display is written in large, legible numbers of the time, the date, and other important information. During the day, it brightens, so that it is easy to read. At night, the display dims down so your guests will not be disturbed from sleep! This is done automatically by the integrated lux-ensor.

Streaming made easy!

Guests can connect their smartphone, tablet, and laptop wirelessly with the simple press of a button, and stream their very own playlists!
For the old-fashioned music lover, our product also features a crystal-clear CD player and and FM + DAB radio.

Self-dimming display
The display is automatically matched to the brightness of the room.

DAB+ digital radio
Infinite choice of radio stations at CD-quality sound thanks to DAB+ digital radio

Convenient wireless streaming technology for the highest sound quality

Up to two alarm settings
The dual alarm function lets you set two separate wake-up times, each with its own individual alarm sound.