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1st Floor Mail Workshop, Unit A Little Tennis Street South
Nottingham, NG24EU
United Kingdom

sonoro audio is a german audio company, who creates fantastic audio products especially for the hospitality sector. Upgrade your rooms in an acoustic way and give your guests a five star experience. 


The only way to bind customers emotionally, is through music.
— Steve Jobs..

Give your guests more than just a bed to sleep in. With an excellent sound system, your guests will be delighted to spend more time in their room, enjoying the experience your hotel has to offer.

A positive, memorable experience means good reviews and returning customers. People love to enjoy music while preparing or relaxing after a long stressful day; and often times, a major complaint on hotel review boards is the lack of a good music system in the room.

Offer your guests a 5-star experience.

Offering your guests a 5-star experience is about having the latest and most luxurious room amenities available. With sonoro products, you receive not only an excellent sounding audio system, but also an instant room-upgrade: our products come equipped with bluetooth connection, USB port to charge mobile device, internet radio, and standard FM. With our SuperiorRoom product you are getting also a smart home lighting automation and relaxation programs. Leave a lasting impression on your guests by offering what your competitors cannot!


with sonoro you offer your guests a real value

The world today is run by smart devices--tablets, smartphones, even smart watches. Studies predict an amassed 6.1 Billion smartphone users by 2020. Your hotel should be prepared to accommodate the new era, and sonoro products are designed to do exactly that.

To any busy traveler, the smartphone is a vitally important link to home, containing contacts, pictures, e-mails, music, and so much more. With the sonoro USB charging port, international travelers no longer need to worry about bringing the correct country-specific wall charger!

Specialized - with hotels in mind

With its sleek, elegant, design and high quality sound, sonoro has always been widely popular within the hospitality industry. As such, our engineering team has narrowed its focus on creating the perfect product for any hotel room.

Some of our features include:

  • Maximum Volume Limit - so that the room next door is not disturbed
  • Battery backup so that the time and set alarms are not affected when the power     circuit is isolated by the room card.
  • Alarm Reset Function -  the alarm clock resets every 24 hours, so the next guest will not be disturbed by the last guest’s wakeup call.
  • Anti-theft - tncludes industrial-grade tethering cord, to keep the product securely mounted. If the product stolen, we guarantee a free replacement, as long as the anti-theft feature had been used properly.
  • Instant Replacement - we deliver an overstock of 3%, so that you can exchange a damaged or defective product within minutes. 
  • Automatically dimmable display with integrated sensor so the light will not keep guests awake at night
Wellness ist the driving force for success.
— AHGZ July, 2014

Meditation is becoming increasingly popular among businessmen and women- especially those who travel frequently.

To the weary traveler, a moment of peace and relaxation is priceless. That’s why we’ve pre-installed a series of meditation programs available to your guests at the touch of a button. Or, if preferred, the soothing sounds of nature are available to lull them to sleep.

            Our deep, guided meditation programs are designed to help your guest relax the mind and fall asleep at night, when a stressful day and an unfamiliar bed are causing restlessness. We’ve even included programs that energize and prepare your hard-working guest for the day ahead.


Why is this important to your Hotel?

The mood of your guest throughout his or her stay makes an enormous impact from the overall impression of your hotel. A happy guest means an excellent review. It’s important to offer perks that other hotels don’t include, creating an unforgettable experience for your guests.


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