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sonoro audio is a german audio company, who creates fantastic audio products especially for the hospitality sector. Upgrade your rooms in an acoustic way and give your guests a five star experience. 


THE sonoro CD - perfect for superior rooms

Great sound with real added value

The sonoroCD is the flagship among the sonoro products in hotels. In addition to the classic functions such as FM radio, digital radio, Bluetooth, AUX - IN, it also includes additional functions of " meditation " and " lighting control ".


One in every three Germans suffers from sleep problems.
— Focus, July 2014

...and sleeping in an unfamiliar bed often makes those problems bigger. Many hotels have tried every strategy from pillow menus to special mattresses; but for some guests, the efforts made no difference!

The truth is: in nearly 40% of cases, the cause of sleeplessness isn’t the bed quality or the environment, but the well-being of the guest.

Stress is a well-known contributor to insomnia. This is why sonoro products include a series of meditation programs to help guests relax and let go of the struggles of everyday life. Statistics show that meditation is increasingly popular among traveling businessmen and women. As always, with the press of a button, your guests can experience the spa right in the comfort of their room.

jetlag: afflicts both travelers
and stressed business guests at the same time

Give light in the darkness

A staggering 32% of hotel accidents are the result of tripping and falling over objects—especially when guests awaken in the middle of the night and search in the dark for the bathroom or the light switch.


Our sonoro products offer the perfect solution. Using the sonoroLIGHT automation switch, connect your sonoro sound system to any lamp in the room—quickly, wirelessly, without any renovations-- and your guest can simply touch the “light button” on the front panel to switch the lights on and off!

This device is also a dimmer switch—so your guests can “set the mood lighting” as they wish, by turning the volume wheel up or down.


In addition, it pairs with the sonoro wireless remote so that your guests can control the lights from anywhere in the room!




Perfect for Superior Rooms:

Self-dimming display
The display is automatically matched to the brightness of the room.

DAB+ digital radio
Infinite choice of radio stations at CD-quality sound thanks to DAB+ digital radio

Convenient wireless streaming technology for the highest sound quality

Up to two alarm settings
The dual alarm function lets you set two separate wake-up times, each with its own individual alarm sound.