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1st Floor Mail Workshop, Unit A Little Tennis Street South
Nottingham, NG24EU
United Kingdom

sonoro audio is a german audio company, who creates fantastic audio products especially for the hospitality sector. Upgrade your rooms in an acoustic way and give your guests a five star experience. 



In addition to the classic purchase, we offer the hospitality of a special leasing programme.

  • Every 36 months you receive a brand new unit of the latest product, developed specifically for hotels
  • Each sonoro Sound System comes equipped with a theft-protection tethering feature.
  • If a product gets stolen, we will replace it free of charge, provided that the anti-theft mechanism had been installed correctly
  • We deliver an overstock of 3%, so that you can exchange a defective product within minutes
  • Full warranty during the lease-period
  • Low monthly charges, rather than one big lump-sum payment
  • For more information about the products and financing options, contact our team.

For further information please contact our business to business hospitality team:

sonoro audio GmbH
B2B Hospitality
Sabine Schilling