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1st Floor Mail Workshop, Unit A Little Tennis Street South
Nottingham, NG24EU
United Kingdom

sonoro audio is a german audio company, who creates fantastic audio products especially for the hospitality sector. Upgrade your rooms in an acoustic way and give your guests a five star experience. 

about Us

German Design & Engineering

Based in Neuss, Germany, our engineers strive to uphold the prestigious reputation that German engineering harbors worldwide. It is important to us that our developers speak the same language – in the truest sense of the word – because when it comes to product design, the sonoro brand settles for nothing less than the highest sound quality, simplest customer interface, and latest luxury design features.

superior sound quality

Naturally the pinnacle point of focus in the development of our music systems was excellent sound. You can trust in German Engineering when it comes to precision and detail, but the only way to truly understand is to hear it for yourself.

With our unique speaker design, 360-degree sound is released into the atmosphere; filling the room with the deep, rich, sound vibrations. Whether lying in bed, working at the desk, or preparing for the day, your guests will receive the maximum impact of the clear heights, pleasing midrange and dynamic bass our sound systems offer.

Luxury design

            With sonoro products, you can always expect a sleek and beautiful design. Our sound systems are encased in real wooden housing and sanded by hand inside and out; this method not only enhances the look and feel, but also affects the resonance of the sound vibrations, resulting in the cleanest and sharpest sound achievable. The encasement is then sealed with multiple coats of piano lacquer finish for a brilliant shine.

easy to use

As with most products of German engineering, we pay close attention to detail. Even our buttons have been designed and tested to have the perfect placement, print-size, density--even the right clicking sound. We’ve made sure that each function is no more than a click away.